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Food and beverage

An unforgettable experience!

Our staff will take care of the serving of all food and beverage. You can just relax, enjoy the surroundings and let them inspire you, while we make sure that all practicalities are taken care of. But it is also possible to join our cooks as they prepare the meals for you, maybe out of fresh seafood that you have just caught yourself.

In the main house we use the original dining room for our meal. There is room for 10 guests around the dining room and 10 in the kitchen.

In the boathouse we have room for about 20 people around the table. Here we have a large wood stove to create the "warm" atmosphere around the good meal. You can sit in the boathouse overlooking the islets and reefs.

When it comes to a good meal, Flatflesa fire station has good kitchen facilities to satisfy most wishes.

The boathouse at Flatflesa 

In the boathouse there is a long table with benches and a large wood stove with 20 for seating