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at Håholmen

You will find activities that inspire and unite here. Håholmen Havstuer offers a range of exciting activities for larger and smaller groups. With the exception of a beautiful trip to the hills in dry land, the activities may not be surprisingly connected with the sea: boat trips, fishing from the boat and sea eagle safaris.

Picnics have long traditions

The whole island can be used

People have always eaten outdoors, but picnics as a form of pleasure probably originated in France in the late 17th century among the upper class who enjoyed going on land trips. The word picnic comes from the French pique nique. Picnics are popular in large parts of the world, and the term is used to mean eating outdoors. Ideally, it should take place in a beautiful place, such as in a park, by a lake or a place with an interesting view. It is also common with picnics in connection with the celebration of various occasions.

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