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with a schoolroom from Valdres ...

After full rehabilitation the Sagafjord Hotel opened its doors again in 2012. The old timber walls that you find in parts of the building are over 200 years old and originate from an old school building from the Norwegian inlands. The school building is a separate part of the hotel, and contains 3 suites, 2 double superior rooms and a comfortable lounge with a fireplace. This building can be used for formal or informal meetings, conferences and dinners for smaller groups and parties for up to 22 people.

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in delicate colors and designs

Sagafjord Hotel can offer a total 35 comfortable rooms throughout the main building and inside traditional wooden lodges on our yard. Every room has its own unique charm. From comfortable beds you’ll feel wrapped in love and sheltered from the raw nature outside your doorstep. The peacefulness of our fjord life will cuddle you to sleep, and make you dream about your next return.

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